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Transfer your number

Join Delight Mobile and keep your current mobile number – it’s hassle free!

How to bring your existing mobile number to Delight Mobile and earn your joining bonus: 

1. Call your mobile network’s Customer Service and ask for a Porting Authorization Code (also known as a PAC number).Your existing network has to give you this (it’s the law).

2. Once you receive the PAC, number send a text to 07892111011 from your existing mobile number, using the existing SIM from your current network. This text should show: 

<pac code> space <Delight number that you have been given in your welcome pack> . 


For example, if you want to switch your Vodafone number 07771234567 to Delight Mobile 07511122222: 

You first get your PAC code VOD123 from Vodafone Customer Service (191). Then, you send a text to 07892111011 from your Vodafone number (07771234567). The text in this case would read: 

VOD123 07511122222. (There is a space between the PAC and the mobile number.) 

3. We will text you back, confirming that your number will be transferred to Delight Mobile within one working day. During the one-day transfer period, just continue to use your number with your existing network. As soon as your number transfers to us, we will send you a text to let you know. 

Need further assistance? Our Customer Services team is here to help – call them for free on 202 from your Delight Mobile number. From any other phone call +44 7892 111 202 (call charges to this number will vary depending on your provider).

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