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and get £30 free credit!

Top up a minimum of £5 in your first month and you'll receive £10 free credit for the same month.

Here at Delight Mobile, we love happy customers. That’s why, when you first make the move to our network, we’ll offer you £30 free credit — just to welcome you aboard! 

No contract or hidden fees. Simply join us, top up a minimum of £5 in your first month, and we’ll give you £10 free credit to use in the same month. 

Spend your extra £30 credit the way you want to!
We give you the choice to spend the extra £30 credit however you want. Whether that’s indulging in long calls to that special someone, endless texting sessions, or becoming more social media savvy with extra data usage (extra data usage can only be used to surf the net in the UK).

Choose from:
- Unlimited texts and more for just £10 a month — just one of our many amazing UK bundles!
- More data. You’ll never be out of the loop again — whether that’s staying connected with friends or keeping up with those group chats.
- Calls from 3p/min with our standard UK Pay As You Go call charges.

Get your £30 FREE joining bonus now! 
Simply order your free SIM. Once you receive it, follow these simple instructions to bring your existing number to Delight Mobile.

1. Call your current mobile network’s Customer Service and ask for your PAC number (Porting Authorization Code).

2. Using your existing SIM, text 07892111011 with your PAC, followed by a space, then the Delight Mobile number from your welcome pack.
The text should read: <PAC> <Delight Mobile number> #

3. We'll send you a text letting you know your new number will be active in one working day, until then continue to use your existing number.

4. We'll send you a final confirmation text once the transfer is complete.

Have a question? Our Customer Services can help! Simply Dial 07892111202 or 202 from your Delight Mobile phone.

After your number has been successfully added to Delight Mobile, simply top up to enjoy a FREE £10 bundle for a month. Don’t forget — we will give you a FREE £10 bundle for the first three months, if you top up every month. That’s £30 total extra credit! Could there be a warmer welcome?


Terms and Conditions: 
  • This offer is for new UK PAYG Delight Mobile customers only;
  • To be eligible for the offer, customers need to port-in their numbers to Delight Mobile UK and top up a minimum of £5 each month in order to get £10 free credit for the three months following the porting of their numbers;
  • Free credit will be valid for 30 days. Unused free credit will expire after these 30 days and will not be carried over to the next month;
  • Free credit can only be used for standard national calls and to purchase national bundles or data bundles. Any other usage, including international calls, roaming usage and calls/SMS to premium numbers, will require a top up;
  • Joining Bonus is not applicable to customers transferring their Vectone Mobile number to Delight Mobile; 
  • Delight Mobile reserves the right to terminate or change this offer and its terms and conditions at any time;
  • The offer is for non-commercial, private, personal use only. Delight Mobile reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the services or to disconnect you, without prior notice and with immediate effect, if we suspect that teh offer is being used for tethering or any other reason Delight Mobile reasonably suspects that you are not acting in accordance with this policy or where we consider that the usage was illegitimate (for instance in case of abusive, unusual or fraudulent usage).

Multifunctional top-up vouchers available where you see these signs: