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Credit Transfer

Send a smile to someone special!

Top up your family’s mobile in their country

Transfer credit directly to family and friends anywhere in the world in an instant, with Delight Mobile. Keep in touch and watch your money go further, or give the gift of extra credit to the special someone in your life.

Where can you transfer credit to with your Delight Mobile?

You can transfer credit up to a limit of £10 a day to:

  • - Any international mobile phone number around the world
  • - Any Delight Mobile number in the UK and around the world
  • - Any Vectone Mobile number in the UK and around the world

If your aunt in Nigeria has run out of credit on her mobile, you can instantly transfer credit from your UK Delight Mobile phone to your aunt’s mobile in the local currency. Simply follow the instructions below:

We give you three ways to transfer credit because we like to keep things simple. Just choose from the options below.
Send a free text from your Delight Mobile phone
Text the word LOAD followed by the recipient’s international mobile number to 346 (e.g. LOAD 919878334540). We will text you further instructions.

Access your Delight Mobile account online

Log in to your Delight Mobile account, and click Credit Transfer. You can then add a new recipient or choose a number from your Recipient list. Simply confirm the amount you would like to transfer. We will notify you via text message once the transfer is complete.

Call our helpline

Call our helpline on 202 from your Delight Mobile phone, select Credit Transfer from the main menu, and follow the instructions.

Want to access your credit transfer history?

Check this at any time, and manage your list of recipients, from your Delight Mobile account.

Terms and Conditions: 
  • This offer is only for UK PAYG Delight Mobile customers.
  • Credit Transfers are for non-commercial, private, personal use only.
  • Make sure the number of the recipient to whom you want to transfer credit is correct. Once the credit is transferred to another customer, it’s impossible to reverse the transaction.
  • Credit transferred to another account cannot be recovered, even if it has been transferred by mistake.
  • Only the credit transfer equal to the value £5 or £10 will be valid.
  • You cannot transfer more than the amount of credit available on your main Delight Mobile account. It is not possible to transfer the bonus or promotional credit. When you transfer the credit, we will deduct the appropriate proportional amount of free credit as we give on the top up.
  • Credit transfers while roaming may incur specific roaming charges.
  • Credit transfers may include a transactional fee. You will be notified of the amount of any charges for using the service before you confirm your credit transfer.
  • Confirmation of a transfer implies the acceptance of all the charges involved. If you do not agree to these charges, please do not confirm your transfer. All charges are deducted from your main Delight Mobile account once the transaction is confirmed.
  • Delight Mobile may limit the maximum amount of transferable credit per transaction, the number of transactions per day, or establish any other criteria limiting the use of this service.
  • Delight Mobile reserves the right to terminate or change this offer and the conditions at any time.

Multifunctional top-up vouchers available where you see these signs: