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Delight Price Guarantee

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Delight endeavours to beat competitor prices by 20%, offering a money back guarantee if you find cheaper rates elsewhere on your monthly mobile spend. Using our price comparison tool, you can now compare your monthly spend on Delight Mobile with what you would have spent under the standard rates offered by competitors. Check rates against Lyca Mobile, Lebara Mobile, Vodafone, GiffGaff, 02, Orange, EE, and Tesco. If we are not at least 20% cheaper, we will refund you the difference immediately! 

Terms and Conditions: 
How do you qualify to use the Delight Price Guarantee You must be a Delight PAYG Customer

In order to be eligible for the Delight Price Guarantee, you must have spent at least £1 in the previous month on calls, texts or data under our standard rates. You must have used the service (i.e. made a call, sent a text or used data) at least once in the previous calendar month.

Comparable Consumption:

Comparable Consumption is the amount spent in any given calendar month on calls, texts and/or data under our standard rates. All bundles, special offers & promotions, offered by Delight or by our competitors, are not considered as standard rates and will be excluded from calculating Comparable Consumption.

How does Delight Price Comparison work?
  • Use your delight mobile normally as you would do every month
  • Log on to your delight “My Account” online ( you will be required to register your SIM if you haven’t done it already) anytime in the following month (i.e. to compare the spend in March – log on in April)
  • Press the price compare button and see how much you saved with Delight!
  • The following offers are not included in the Delight price guarantee:
  • Bundles, as they cannot be compared like to like and are therefore excluded from the comparison;
  • Any free minutes, free credit or free data given by Delight (out of bundle);
  • Any products which we cannot fairly compare because of factors outside of our control (for example because a competitor has changed the way offers are displayed on its website).

All product comparisons made by Delight are believed to be correct. However, with so many offers checked, there may be some inaccuracies on rare occasions.

  • Delight usage will be calculated based on the actual amount you paid to Delight.
  • If we are not 20% cheaper than our competitors based on their standard rates, we will automatically and instantly top up the difference on your account. Guaranteed!

Delight will upload competitor’s standard rates as published on their websites. The comparison system used under the Delight Price Guarantee Tool will be updated on a monthly basis at our discretion. The published price comparisons of Delight with Lyca Mobile, Lebara Mobile, Vodafone, GiffGaff & O2, Orange, Tesco, EE are based on the international call rates published on each competitor's website and are correct as of 02.01.2017 and at 22:00.

  • If the total Delight Comparable Consumption is not at least 20% cheaper than any of our competitors’, we will refund you the difference immediately.
  • Refund is immediately and automatically credited to the user’s PAYG balance after the comparison.
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to the user in case a refund is issued.
Limitations and exclusions
  • Delight Price Guarantee tool can only be used once a month.
  • The minimum expense of £1 per month in order to be able to use the Delight Price Guarantee tool does not include any special offer/bundle.
  • Only calls, texts and data paid under standard rates will be included.
  • Calls made using bundles (offered by Delight or by our competitors) will not be included.
  • Any free credit given by Delight or by our competitors will not be taken into account.
  • Standard rates will be updated on the comparison tables on a monthly basis to be used for the following month.
Comparable Consumption: Scenario 1:

- UK Calls = 30 Mins X 10p/min = 3 GBP

- On Net Calls = 100 Mins x 0p /min = 0 GBP

- India Mobile = 800 Mins x 1p = £8

- UK SMS = 20x10p = £2

Here, Comparable Consumption at Delight is: £13

Scenario 2:

- Total Spent under Delight = £15

- All in One Bundle = £10

- UK calls = 50 mins * 10p/min = £5

- Although the total amount spend by the customer is £15, the Comparable Consumption is only £5.

Comparison Calculation Examples Example 1
  • Your Comparable Consumption is £15 at DELIGHT, £14 at Lyca Mobile, £20 at Lebara, £25 at Giff Gaff and £50 at Vodafone. Lyca are cheapest.
  • Your Comparable Consumption is £1 cheaper at Lyca.
  • 20% cheaper than Lyca’s £14 Comparable Consumption is £11.20. So in total you'll receive a refund for of £3.80 to ensure your Comparable Consumption is 20% cheaper at DELIGHT.
Example 2
  • Your Comparable Consumption is £10 at DELIGHT, £11 at Lyca, £20 at Lebara, £25 at Giff Gaff and £35 at Vodafone. DELIGHT are cheapest, however not 20% cheaper.
  • 20% cheaper than Lyca’s £11 comparable spend is £8.80. So you'll receive a refund for £1.20 to ensure your Comparable Consumption is 20% cheaper at DELIGHT.
Example 3
  • Your Comparable Consumption is £10 at DELIGHT, £15 at Lyca, £20 at Lebara, £25 at GiffGaff and £35 at Vodafone. DELIGHT is the cheapest.
  • In this case your Comparable Consumption is already 20% cheaper than Lyca, Lebara, Giff Gaff , Vodafone & O2.
  • So you will not receive any refund in this scenario.

Unless otherwise specified, all price comparisons refer to landline calling rates.


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